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We develop consultative omnichannel strategies to effectively market products and services.

We develop consultative omnichannel strategies to effectively market products and services.


With our specialization in consultative strategies and a focus on the omnichannel approach, we excel at marketing our clients’ products and services. Our dedicated team consistently surpasses expectations by closely aligning with our clients’ goals and objectives.
Backed by our extensive experience in the insurance sector, we offer a unique and efficient strategic model. Our expertise allows us to provide tailored and dynamic support, ensuring optimal results in sales, retention, and service. With over 15 years of experience in managing such accounts, we continuously enhance our performance to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

Types of Insurance Sector Accounts

Types of Insurance Sector Accounts

  • Inbound and outbound Sales.
  • Welcome calls.
  • Loyalty and retention.
  • Policy renewal.
  • Sales Audit.
  • Sarlaft’s compliance.
  • Customer Service.
Collections and Recovery

Collections and Recovery

We carry out collection management and monitoring of our clients’ portfolio employing synchronized and effective techniques supported by our omnichannel tools. We accompany this process with our highly skilled and trained human talent specialized in the sector.


  • Preemptive collections
  • Stage 1/ Early stage Collections: 30 days past due
  • Stage 2 collections: 60 days past due
  • Stage 3 collections: 90 days past due
  • Stage 4 collections: 120-180 past due


Insurance Management

  • In 2022, we sold more than 11,000 million pesos in bonuses for companies in the insurance sector.
  • During 2022 we achieved our best sales growth per month in the insurance sector, reaching an average of 12% effectiveness on contact.
  • We managed to implement the omnichannel sales model for the insurance sector in more than 10 companies that work with us.



  • We recover around 600,000 million pesos per month for our customers through our omnichannel method.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience developing collection operations.

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